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Moving on to my list of pop-up stores to check out: the Chelsea Market, where Jingle and Artists & Fleas currently are, and a Startup Store. I need to create separate posts because I found a-mazing creations and work and I took a lot of photos. I was really happy with my day, for the first time, I documented things myself and I loved playing the reporter.

From the Jingle holiday pop up store, I really liked Twig, Tracey Tanner, Yee Haw Industries, Fine and Dandy, Gauge, and I must admit I came to check out Fred Flare in the first place!

I thought that the selection was excellent as a lot of things caught my attention, unlike the street markets that they have during the summer, which are boring, the stuff is cheap, I even feel that it is mass produced sometimes. 

From the Artists & Fleas, I really like Evolving Habitat, Stern Design Works and Jenny Topolski. Really beautiful and personal work. And they were all super nice and helpful. I often go to the one in Williamsburg, but I don’t remember seeing any of them. When they were on N6 and Berry a few years ago, it even became boring. These 3 definitely stood out to me.

I’ve been hearing a lot about A Startup Store, it is a brilliant concept and the place is well curated but I was a bit disappointed by the products. I know it’s a beta though, I just had higher expectations because of the press I guess. I can’t wait for the next rounds.

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